Devised and Directed by: Marion Duggan

Writer/Dramaturg and Installation Artist: Dorothy Max Prior

Choroegrapher: Carmela Acuyo Fernandez

With additional choreography by Dorothy Max Prior

Performed and Co-devised by:

Carmela Acuyo Fernandez
Anais Alvarado
Ivan Fabrega
Mathieu Maisonneuve (2011)
Matthew Blacklock
Estanislao Sanchez
Anna Symes
Luan Blake (2011-2012)

Creative Producer: Anna Symes

Strategic Producer: Robin Morley

Sound design: Filipe Gomes

Additional Sound Design: Thor McIntyre-Burnie

Production Manager: Chris Umney

Bridges was originally made with support from: Meridians, Scenes De Rue, Stockton International Riverside Festival and the EU Education and Culture Programme.

More information including technical specifications and full-resolution images is downloadable on our promoter page.