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Our Dancing Feet is a site-responsive promenade theatre piece which is set in a dancehall or nightclub. It is produced by Zap Arts and Inroad Productions, and features a cast of fifty professional and community performers and artists. The Ragroof Players are collaborators in the project, responsible for the choreography (by Dorothy Max Prior) and community rehearsals, and featuring the Players as actor-dancers in the show. Our Dancing Feet is based on a written script by Sara Clifford which draws on verbatim texts about memories of dancehalls in the 1950s.


The show is directed by Terry O’Donovan and has to-date been performed at Oceana nightclub in Brighton (November 2013) and will be performed at the Winter Garden Eastbourne (March 2014). A UK tour is planned for 2015.


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All photographs (c) Ray Gibson 2014