Congratulations on what sounds to have been a wonderful event.  A colleague at Arts Council, was quite stunned by the performance and told us all so in a big meeting this morning, saying he didn’t know this sort of thing happened in England!

Jon Linstrum – Arts Council England – Bridges y Puentes – Margate





Congratulations on Bridges y Puentes last night, I hear and see from social media that the other performances have also been very positively received. There were some difficult messages around issues of migration and concepts of ‘home’ in the piece, which played out against the backdrop of Cliftonville, felt entirely relevant and appropriate. You have obviously worked hard with the local residents to reveal some of their experiences….I really liked the installation that showed that the problems migrants are facing are not unique to Cliftonville but are universal from  Brighton  to Skegness.


I also liked the snooker hall players hanging around watching the audience beforehand and the kids hanging out of the snooker hall window watching the start of the performance. That incidental interaction feels priceless.


The dance, performance and staging was great, and entirely appropriate to the piece, achieved, I know,  on a tight budget:  the surreal location and lighting really worked well, having the performers move through the audience and interact was a strength.


Congratulations, it worked really well and was both moving, enlightening and entertaining. What’s next?!


Best wishes

Sarah Wren – Kent County Council – Bridges y Puentes - Margate