"The tea dance was a top highlight of the day, everyone had a thoroughly wonderful time because of the dancers and we can't thank you enough for being such a big part of the wedding. You and the team will be talked about at family occasions for years to come."


Katie Elson, Wedding Tea Dance

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Dear Dorothy and all of the Ragroof Players,

We've finally found a minute to ourselves since the wedding and just wanted to send you a quick thank you message for everything you did at the reception on Saturday. You were absolutely superb and all of my relatives and friends have been raving about the dancing ever since! We really appreciated the way you managed to encourage even the most reticent onto the dance floor and adapted to the various ends and flows in energy of the guests. I hope your hotel was ok and that you all returned safely. Thank you for coming such a long way and making our wedding day so special!

Kind regards,

Andy and Yumi Hancock

Wedding Evening Dance